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Q. What are the check-in and check-out times?

A.The check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00.
For early check-ins or late check-outs, please contact the hotel.

Q.What are the rates for children?

A.The rates for children
7 - 12 years old, Meals + Bedding : 70% of the adult rate
3 - 6 years old, Meals + Bedding : 50% of the adult rate
3 - 6 years old, No meal + No bedding : 2,700JPY
0 - 2 years old, No meal + No bedding : Free of charge

Q.Are pets allowed in the hotel?

A.We are sorry, but pets are not allowed in our hotel.

Q.Can I invite friends for a meal in my room during my stay?

A.Yes, in-room meals can be prepared. Please submit a request to the hotel in advance.


Q.Can the gorge be seen from guestrooms?

A.Yes, all the guestrooms are facing the gorge and guests can enjoy its beautiful scenery throughout the year.

Q.Are there Western-style rooms (with beds)?

A.The premium suite, modern Japanese-style rooms, comfort spa rooms (Western-style) and Western-style twin rooms all have twin beds.

Q.Are there rooms accessible by those with disabilities?

A.We are sorry, but there are no such specially designed rooms. The entrances, verandas and other parts of all rooms have small steps.

Q.Are there rooms with open-air baths?

A.We are sorry but all en-suite baths are ordinary baths using heated water, except for the premier suite, which has a cypress bath supplied with hot spring water.

Q.Is there Internet access in guestrooms?

A.Complimentary wireless LAN Internet access is provided.


Q.Can I order meals for infants?

A.We accept separate orders for infant meals (dinner and breakfast or dinner only). Please contact the hotel for details.

Q.Can I eat in the restaurant without making a reservation?

A.Only guests who reserved plans including meals can use the restaurant.

Q.Are dinner and breakfast served buffet style?

A.We serve kaiseki (a set menu of Japanese food served individually) for dinner and a Japanese-style set meal for breakfast. Meals are offered in guestrooms or the Ichijo-tei restaurant, depending on accommodation plans.

Q.Can you prepare special meals for guests with food allergies?

A.Yes, but we can only make arrangements for ingredients and not for seasonings.

Q.Can I stay without meals?

A.One night’s accommodation fee includes two meals (dinner and breakfast), but it is possible to have only breakfast. Please contact the hotel for details. It may not be possible to respond to requests for changing meals on the day of your stay or immediately before.


Q.Does the bath use uncirculated hot-spring water direct from the source?

A.Yes, the bath has a continuous supply of fresh hot-spring water. However, since the spring water is very hot (approx. 75°C), some cold water is added to cool it down.

Q.Is the large communal bath open 24 hours?

A.The communal bath is open from 13:00 to 3:00 and from 4:00 to 10:00. Guests can enjoy both sections of the communal bath as the male and female baths are switched in the early morning.

Q.Can I enter the communal bath without staying at the hotel?

A.Yes, you can from 13:00 to 17:00. A day-visit plan that includes a meal is also available. Contact the hotel for details.

Q.Is there a sauna?

A.Yes, we have a steam bath that utilizes the steam from the 75°C hot-spring source. It is recommended even for guests who dislike high-temperature saunas as it induces perspiration without causing stress on the skin. This new bathing method is expected be effective in relieving asthma and sinus infections as it allows users to breathe in the steam of the fresh hot-spring water.

Q.Are any measures taken against legionella bacteria?

A.We add a certain amount of chemicals to the bath water under the direction of the Sapporo Public Health Office. We also ensure safety by checking the bath water regularly.

Q.Can I use bathing wear to hide a surgical scar?

A.Yes, you can.

Q.Can I enter the communal bath in a wheelchair?

A.No, you can’t. As there are steps between the communal bath and the changing rooms, please enter with someone who can assist you.

Q.Are there towels in the large communal bath?

A.We are sorry, but please bring towels from your room.


Q.Is there a courtesy bus service?

A.We are sorry, but we do not provide a courtesy bus service. Please use public transportation or your own car.

Q.How can I get to the hotel by car?

A.It is approximately 26 km from the downtown area of Sapporo via Route 230.
It is convenient to exit the Hokkaido Expressway at the Kitahiroshima Interchange if you are coming from the direction of Hakodate or New Chitose Airport, or at the Sapporo Kita Interchange if you are traveling from the direction of Asahikawa via the Hokkaido and Sasson expressways. Take Prefectural Highway Route 1 if you are coming from Otaru. Please contact the hotel for details.

Q.How can I get to the hotel from Sapporo Station using public transport?

A.You can take a local bus to Jozankei Onsen (Jotetsu Bus, 90 min.) or an intercity bus bound for Toyako Onsen (Donan Bus, 50 min., reservation required) from the Sapporo Station Bus Terminal. Local bus services also operate from Makomanai Station on the Namboku Line of the Sapporo City Subway (Jotetsu Bus, 50 min.).

Q.How can I get to the hotel from New Chitose Airport using public transport?

A.A direct bus service operates between the airport and Jozankei Onsen. It is convenient to go to Sapporo Station first by JR train or a bus (via the expressway) and then transfer at the station.


Q.Is Wi-Fi access available?

A.We are sorry, but Wi-Fi access is not available.

Q.Does the hotel have a parking lot?

A.Yes, There are parking spaces for up to 40 standard-sized cars (outdoor, free of charge)

Q.Are there wheelchairs available in the hotel?

A.Yes, we have two in the reception lobby.

Q.Is there a bathroom for private use (family bath)?

A.We are sorry but there isn’t.

Q.Is there a game arcade?

A.We are sorry but there isn’t.

Q.Are there toilets in the hotel that can be accessed by those with disabilities?

A.We are sorry, but there are no universal access toilets.


Q.Can I pay by credit card?

A.Yes, we accept VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, DC, DINERS, UC, MC, Saison, Nippon Shinpan cards, etc. Union Pay cards are also accepted.

Q.I want to invite my parents as a treat. Can I pay the accommodation fees in advance?

A.We accept advance payment. Please contact the hotel for the bank transfer account information and other details.


Q.I have never been to Hokkaido (Jozankei Onsen) before. What kind of clothing should I prepare?

A.Please check weather forecasts or other information regarding the weather and temperature at the time of your stay. As temperatures drop in the mornings and evenings even in mid-summer, it is advisable to bring a thin jacket or wind breaker.

Q.Are there hospitals in Jozankei Onsen?

A.Yes, there is a general hospital in Jozankei.

Q.Can I send my luggage in advance?

A.We can keep your luggage if it is sent, but please contact the hotel in advance.

Tourist spots in the surrounding area

Q.Is there a ski resort near the hotel?

A.The Sapporo Kokusai Skiing Resort, which is one of the largest in the Sapporo area, is about a half-hour drive or so from the hotel.

Q.Are there any other sightseeing spots?

A.For details, please see the Jozankei Tourist Association website.

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