Noguchi Kanko Group (hereafter referred to as “Our Company”) regards the personal information of customers who use the website as important. The following outlines our policy concerning personal information. After your confirmation and consent, we welcome your use.

1. When requesting personal information
We ask you to enter and send your personal information in the following cases on our website.
1. Reservation for accommodation
2. Application and reservation for various services and products.
3. Requests for documents and brochures.
4. In other cases that your personal information is requested, we manage the handling of your personal information in distinct relation to the purpose and content.
2. Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information provided by customers on our company's website is only used in the following cases, and not used for any other purposes besides what the customer has provided it for.
1. When we need to confirm your reservation content and/or when we must contact you for any such related reason.
2. In cases when our company conducts analysis to improve our website, services and/or products.
Analyses are primarily for statistical processing, and in no cases is personal information used to identify individual customers.
3. When there is consent from the customer.
3. Scope of collection of personal information
The personal information received from customers is the minimum information necessary to provide service(s), and the provision of other information that are not exclusive conditions for providing service(s).
(The minimum required information will be clearly indicated, such as by annotated marks.)
4. Preservation of personal data
Your personal information is stored only as a record of the service provided, and deleted after a fixed period of time.
5. Provision and disclosure of personal information
Your personal information is handled carefully and shall not be provided or disclosed to third parties except in the following cases:
1. Towards subcontractors of system maintenance and management whom have been imposed strict confidentiality obligations regarding section 1 above.
2. When there is consent from the customer.
3. When requested by law.
6. Safety measures
1. In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and so on, we take reasonable safety measures on both aspects of effective management control and system operations.
2. Cookies are implemented by the services provided so that customers can use the services conveniently. When a webpage is accessed, cookies are the mechanism(s) that saves the usage history and input contents sent and received between the browser and server as files on your computer. The following time the same page is accessed, the page operator can change the display for each customer using cookie information. If you allow the sending and receiving of cookies in your browser settings, the website can obtain cookies from your browser. In order to protect privacy, our browser will only send cookies transmitted via this website server.
3. There are cases when advertisements distributed from third parties such as Yahoo Japan Corporation may be posted, wherein the third party acquires and uses cookie information of users who visit our website.
4. Any cookie information obtained by the third party will be handled in accordance with the third party's privacy policy.
5. By accessing the opt-out page provided on the third party's website, users can opt-out of the third party's use of advertisement information including cookie information. ★ "Opt-out" is defined as ... Sending advertising emails unilaterally without user permission. Moreover, requesting the company from whom you are refusing advertisements to not send such.
6. Via the "Help" menu of the respective browser, users can select settings for sending and receiving cookies. There are options such as "Allow all cookies", "Deny all cookies", "Notify user when cookies are received", and so on.
7. Please note that if you select the setting to reject all cookies, you may be restricted from using various services on the Internet, including services that require authentication. *In order to make full use of this website's functions, it is recommended that you adjust settings to accept cookies.
7. Personal information at point of the link
Our website has links to websites of other companies and organizations for providing customers with various useful information services. Our company assumes no responsibility for the collection and handling of personal information performed on linked websites. Please use at your own discretion.
8. Changes in the content of our company's website personal information privacy policy
Changes to this Privacy Policy, such as changes towards purpose and management methods of personal information and so forth, shall become effective when our company posts a revised Privacy Policy on this website.

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